Monitoring Visits

We provide regular monitoring visits similar to the previously required provider visits.

These are usually short monthly visits but can occur at any rate.

We ask people who use the service, relatives and staff questions about quality and look at complaints, incidents, accidents, and the environment. We also look at aspects of the services improvement plans and record the progress made towards these.


We also provide various specific audits and can tailor them to your specific needs.

For Example, Environmental Audits, Health and Safety Audits, Ligature Audits, Care plan Audits, etc...

These also help the provider evidence the requirement for them to monitor the service to reduce risk, demonstrate how  trend data is identified and evidence how any learning is used to improve the service.

Quality Assurance Systems

We will provide and run your Quality Assurance System.  We prepare questioners around the five key questions and ask people who use the service, their relatives and  health care professionals to fill these in, where needed we can assist people to record their responses in a more independent way than staff can. 

We will identify and analyse any trend data and with you create an action plan to evidence action taken from listening to people.

We conclude with the final stage that most people miss in a QA process. That is to feed back the quality issues identified through the QA process and planed actions to the people who participated. This demonstrates that people who use the service were involved in the QA process and supported to monitor any improvements in quality identified as needed through the QA process themselves.  

After the first QA process concludes you can use our process yourself the following year or we can continue to do all or part of the process.

The QA process can run once a year, every 6 months, or even monthly, but they are usually an annual event.

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