New Post Title

Posted 6/21/2018

New things CQC will be looking at, at this time.

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New Post Title

Posted 4/12/2018

GDPR are you ready?

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New KLOE from Nov' 2017

Posted 9/25/2017

The CQC will be using new Key Lines Of Enquiry and rating characteristics from November 2017.

There have been a number of changes in actual KLOE and in some cases to which domain they sit in.

You can view the new KLOE and other guidance in our resources section at the link below.

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Compliance does not = Good

Posted 3/25/2016

Do not be shocked if you were previously compliant but now are rated as Requires improvement as many providers are now finding.

Compliant under the old regulatory system does not equate to Good under the CQC's new ratings system.

Compliant ment you were simply meeting the basic regulation. That is obviously just OK and does not mean good or that there is no room for improvement to become good.

You don't even have to be in breach of a regulation to be rated Requires improvement by the CQC. A simple good practice recommendation in your CQC report can result in a rating of Requires improvement.

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